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Troubleshooting / Electric Window Switch issue
« Last post by rwd3m on November 18, 2018, 06:07:41 PM »
Hi all,

My son brought his girlfriend's 06 Mazda 2 over a couple of weeks ago to see if I could get the passenger side electric window working.

After reconnecting the motor (someone has been in here before methinks!) still nothing from either switch. So I took the switch out and took it apart on the bench to find that unless it works by magic, there was nothing between the rocker and the switch to operate the contacts!

Son was duly dispatched to get a replacement switch, which he brought over yesterday. We fitted it and now the window at least operated from the drivers door switch but still nothing from the passenger door switch. I decided to take a look inside the replacement switch and guess what, just the same as the old switch, no physical link between the rocker and the swuitch. What's going on? Anyone had experienceof this?

Please help because it's confusing the life out of me.


Engine/Transmission/Powertrain/Exhaust / Clutch pedal squeak
« Last post by Anamcara on November 18, 2018, 05:26:20 PM »
Hi folks,
Can anyone shed any light on this. My wife's clutch pedal seems to "grind" as you depress it with a squeak, operation is fine but irritating none the less. Tried WD-40 but no real improvement. Thanks for any insight you may have.
Steering/Suspension/Brakes / Re: Steering shaft rattle/knock
« Last post by Avocet on November 13, 2018, 02:59:51 PM »
Hi All.  I'm new on here.  My daughter has a 2010 Mazda 2 (Petrol 85 bhp, 4 door) and I have the dubious honour of trying to keep it on the road!  It has a similar problem.  A slight knocking / rattling at low speeds / parking speeds.  In fact, it was an MOT advisory a couple of weeks ago - "slight steering knock but no visible defect detected".  Does anyone know what sort of a job re-greasing this intermediate shaft is, as a DIY proposition, please?
Steering/Suspension/Brakes / Re: Knocking sound
« Last post by Avocet on November 13, 2018, 02:53:40 PM »
That's characteristic of suspension bushes.  Have they been checked?  Also (a long shot) but make sure the spare wheel is secure in its well in the boot!
I've just got/sold my Mazda 2 / Hi all, just got a Mazda 2
« Last post by Anamcara on November 10, 2018, 06:18:27 PM »
Hi everyone, just got a Mazda 2 for the wife to replace her beloved Puma, seems to handle quite well and so far she's happy. However it's a 2012 facelift with 50k on the clock, full history etc but the clutch pedal seems to have an annoying creak when you depress it,  WD-40 temporarily improved this but it's back after a week!  Any thoughts would be appreciated, cheers.
Ok, I've done a bit more digging around and it seems that the fiesta Haynes manual is correct. It is 45Nm+90 degrees.
There is also an impressively detailed thread on one of the Fiesta forums for the same engine as mine.
Hi All.
I'm looking to change my timing belt on my little Mazda2.
Howere, I seem to have differing advice on the torque for the crankshaft bolt.
Haynes and some details from continental say its 40Nm, then 90 degrees. While others have found that this is not enough, and suggest tightening it much tighter ~90Nm and 90 degrees.

Has anyone got any experience with this?
Any help is really appreciated!

Vehicle Entertaintment / Navigation Systems / Re: Update sat nav
« Last post by echen on November 07, 2018, 07:14:20 PM »
I've had a sport nav for two years and updated twice. The memory card slots in my laptop card reader and does what it is supposed to do.
Wish I could say the same for the sat nav performance once the card is back in the car...................................
Steering/Suspension/Brakes / Re: Extremely cheap lowering springs!
« Last post by ashlizzard on November 02, 2018, 08:31:24 PM »
...They sound too cheap...and especially with a light car you'd
be better off looking for some progressive springs - hmm...from
memory I believe H&R do lowered spring kits that are designed
specifically to save the ride quality...
Mazda 2 / Re: Fuel filler flap - anyone had problems?
« Last post by ashlizzard on November 02, 2018, 08:17:16 PM »

(hi all - just posted the following on a similar forum thread)

My sister just bought a Mazda 2 and had the same problem with the gas flap,
it's a really easy cure, the pin assembly fits into the hole as a bayonet fitting,
just push it in and twist it, this one had popped out...anyway, once back in it's
fitted position it seemed obvious that the pin was too long...which is why she
couldn't get it to open and it required a silly amount of pressure to close (I read
here that some have actually snapped the pin off trying to close it)...

All you need is a screwdriver, (best to wrap it in a rag or cover it with tape)
then insert it into the curved striker plate on the inside of the flap that engages
with the pin, hold the flap firmly (you don't want to bend the flap itself) and VERY
GENTLY bend the striker plate inwards a few mm...then test and repeat until you
get it right, which should be only just holding the pin, you'll know if you have it too
loose because the flap will open when you hit a bump - but loose is better than tight,
if you bend it so far that it requires a lot of force to close, bend it back the other way,
it's an extremely thin piece of steel so doesn't need much force to move it...

So far the clonking rear shocks are an irritation, as is the first gear ratio, (which
seems to have been designed just in case you need to drive the car up the side
of a house) but it's a nice handling car, bet it would be fun to slam it and hurl it
around a race track...can't see me giving up my Cougar for one though...  ;- )

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