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Tracking or other issue???
« on: August 04, 2017, 08:06:33 AM »
Hi Guys,

I don't post often - mainly because I forget I have this option for my car..... However here goes... oh and its an '04 plate (demio chassis)

Recently I have been having a bit of problem with the tracking again on the Passenger (left) side of the car......


I got new tyres back in March both new front tyres, the backs were fine, when I got the car back after work I drove it for a test (I always like to after it's been to the garage). So I noticed the tracking was out, it would veer right if I held the wheel level. Not ideal so I told the garage who said their equipment was waiting for repair and that I should go to where they use for now... So I did and shure enough the tracking was out - whilst I accept this can happen after a tyre change it was sorted and no problems. The garage also said that when they changed the tyres they noticed the front pads and discs looked a bit worse for wear, having spent alot of the car I decided to hold for a month or two as they wern't urgent yet. Teacking result ALL GREEN (see below)

I eventually got the pads and discs changed and it appeared that I had a sticking pad on left side. These were done and as before I took the car for a drive as before this time I was somewhat shocked and annoyed to find the car now veers left when I hold the wheel level and to drive straight I have to hold at 1 o'clock....... So I straight back to the tracking place explained the situation they thought I'd fallen out the sky and started with the usual mechanic patronising tone, so I told stick on the ramp and they did find that the tracking had gone, so they tested twice and 'repaired'. The print out does show a red on the left front toe (will add these printouts later).  Not happy I went to the garage where I get the works van sorted with tyres, they tested and told me its within tolerance and that I could be one of a few things.... So this is my problem.

I have head no knocking, bangs, thuds or any other noise (other than a constant squeaking in the back of the car that I can't trace) coming from the the suspension or steering.
No-one has said that they have found a problem with a Ball joint, wishbone, suspension arm, track rod etc
Also MOT in a couple of months.... I'd be greatful for any sugestions or advice where I could poke around myself before I take it to get the entire steering and front suspesion stripped and checked (costly).

It's beyond annoying and it's only going to wear out the tyres worse.

See the pictures- probably shouldn't of taken the picture whilst driving but how else do I show it when I'm on my own in the car..... Don't give me stick on that. I just want the car sorted and any advice to help that happen please. Sorry for the size :)

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Tracking or other issue???
« on: August 04, 2017, 08:06:33 AM »