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I'm a happy UK registered Mazda 2 NEWBIE !

I bought the Mazda 2 Capella Semi-Auto 1.4 litre with Air conditioning 2 years ago with just 18k miles on the clock and it's now got 18.5k.

Drives beautifully, but I have a few (minor?) problems:

1. Once in reverse and once in Drive, the car didn't move ! Since these 2 incidents a couple of weeks ago, it has driven perfectly.
    In intend to have the gearbox oil level checked.
    Can anyone else suggest anything else to check. I hope the gearbox isn't going....

2. In winter, there is massive condensation inside making it impossible to see.
     I am told to check the pollen filter, but can't find it !  There is no "little plate" in the footwell to remove as ome manuels suggest...
     Where is it hidden ? Does anyone have a detailed manual showing how (and where!) to access the elusive pollen filter ?

3. My car failed it's MOT due to a non-working rear right stop light. there appear to be no screws to undo to access the bulb :-(
     How do I open up the rear light unit please? Mazda suggests going to the Mazda dealer ! (for a stop light... ?!?)
     It passed the MOT on the 2nd attempt when the tester "rattled" the unit !  It has now stopped working .... again... !

Any advice on these subjects would be warmly welcomed, as would a link to a Mazda 2 service manual :-)

2005 UK Mazda 2 Capella Semi-Auto 1.4 liter
18,500 miles to date....

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