Author Topic: Mazda 2 sport 1.5 2010 57K - Car just cut out!! Immobiliser light flashing  (Read 498 times)

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Hello all,
Today my missus was driving the Mazda in traffic (in the snow) when the car just cut out and wouldn't restart. When trying to start the car with the lock symbol (in red) just flashed and nothing else. I went to her at the road side to see the problem to try and help.
I tried a jump start with leads and I gave her my set of keys and hey presto it started!!!
Im not sure which or if any of those things fixed it.
Has anyone had a similar immobiliser fault? What things could have caused this????
Thoughts appreciated.

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Battery in your wife's key fob could be a prime suspect. Although that would not necessarily account for the cut out in the first place.

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