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Mazda 2 / Re: Front Bumper Replacement
« Last post by cosh68 on January 17, 2018, 09:18:12 PM »

Try these....

Mazda 2 / Front Bumper Replacement
« Last post by Ronnocod on January 17, 2018, 07:46:28 PM »
I have a 2011 model TS2 with a badly scraped front bumper. I?m thinking of getting a used front bumper and swapping mine out. Can anyone point me towards any instructions to remove/replace the front bumper?

Projects / Re: Making Soot Sprite Great Again?
« Last post by Soot Sprite on January 15, 2018, 12:24:56 PM »
Next up was changing the spark plugs and the air filter.

As said before the car had developed some hesitation under load and lumpiness on a steady throttle at around 3000RPM. I've decided that the sadist that made the decision to involve remove arch liners in order to replace headlamp bulbs was the same sadist that involved removing the air inlet and associated gubbins to access the spark plugs!

For those what want to do the same here are the steps that I took and the tools used.

  • Phillips and flat bladed screwdrivers
  • 10mm socket on a 3/8" drive wrench and extension
  • 16mm spark plug socket on a 1/2" drive wrench and extension
  • Disposable gloves and plenty of swearing

First, remove the air filter inlet tubing and gain access to the elbow, MAF sensor etc underneath:

Undo the snap clips and the 3 mounting bolts on the filter tray (front, left and rear), bolts require a 10mm socket. then remove the filter tray and set to one side. Undo the jubilee clips on the elbow and disconnect the various sensors and cable retainers to allow easier movement when moving the air inlet assembly, use a flat bladed screwdriver to lever it out of the rubber elbow.

Remove the smaller hoses from their retaining clips and manoeuvre the intake assembly out of the way. Disconnect the electrical connector and then remove the retaining bolt from the coil packs (10mm socket again). I removed the coil packs and laid them out in order so they would go back into the same cylinders later.

Using a 16mm spark plug socket remove the plug from each cylinder. 3 of the plugs were in a not-bad state:

But the plug in cylinder number 2 was barely hand tight when I removed it and this had obviously been and air ingress point, the plug was quite bad sooted the coil pack was equally dirty compared to the other 3  :o

The new plugs were a set of Denso IK16TT iridiums from spark They come with a 1.0mm gap and the handbook specifies 1.2mm to 1.3mm. 5 minutes and a set of feeler gauges later and the were set to 1.2mm. I carefully dropped them into the cylinders then followed up with the 16mm spark plug socket having removed the rubber holder first otherwise the holder overcomes the tension on the extension and you leave the socket in the plug well! Each plug was finger tightened and then followed up with 1/2 a turn on the socket wrench as per Denso's instructions.

The retraced my earlier steps to rebuilt the air intake assembly. Took out the air filter which looked in decent shape anyway (thinking about it, I can't remember if I changed this out last year or not) and dropped in the K+N filter and then boxed it all back up again.

Final part was to hang the Denso air freshener, got to be good for 3hp on its own!!  :D

On the result of the subsequent test drive the ignition problems seemed to have gone but this might have been down to the loose plug rather than plugs at the end of their lives. Their is a slight increase in throttle response and induction noise with the new filter so all is good. Next engine stage is a new freer breathing exhaust and then probably and ECU tweak; suspension and brakes first though.
Projects / Re: Making Soot Sprite Great Again?
« Last post by cosh68 on January 15, 2018, 12:12:14 PM »
Soot Sprite,

The non angel eye ones can be done from the engine bay, but never managed to do the wife's Tamura from there, always pop the plastic inner wing ( arch liner ) back a bit near the headlight and squeeze my hand in, usual tight space wounds but a lot less hassle than taking the headlight out....

Yea spent far too much, some rot repairs & full re-spray... It took ?120 worth of rattle cans to choose the colour, amazing how an oring in sun light looks brown on a dull day in Hapton.... Ended up with Mazda 25T....

Projects / Re: Making Soot Sprite Great Again?
« Last post by Soot Sprite on January 15, 2018, 10:15:15 AM »
I took advantage of the cold but dry weather to do some work on Soot Sprite this weekend. I set about fitting the LED sidelights, the air filter and the spark plugs, all low level stuff but needed doing.

First up were the sidelights. I bought a pack of 10 LED's from Amazon, 9000K so a nice white light with the added bonus that they should run cooler and draw less current than the OEM halogens. They don't have the same snug fit into the lamp holders as the old halogens so time and vibration will tell whether they work OK or if a slightly greater investment is better.

According the handbook you need to remove or at least back the arch liner to gain access to the bulb holder although there's at least one Youtube video that reckons and of hand contorting and 10 minutes in the engine bay will have the same effect. In this particular instance the hand book is right and Youtube is wrong.

Having fought against the wheel on the passenger side I'll add that life is made significantly easier by jacking the car up and removing the wheels to gain access to the arch liner front section. once this is done actually replacing the bulbs is easy!

The old halogen bulbs were looking very tired, plenty of vapourised element on the inside of the glass:


After  8):

I've added polishing the headlamp cover to the list of 2018 jobs  ;D
Projects / Re: Making Soot Sprite Great Again?
« Last post by Soot Sprite on January 15, 2018, 09:52:09 AM »
The MX-6 was always a good looking coupe  8) Did they fit the 2 litre V6 into them during the production run? There's some work gone into yours that's for sure, is the colour change paint or a wrap?
Steering/Suspension/Brakes / Power steering pump
« Last post by darwenmaz2 on January 13, 2018, 12:21:09 PM »
Thnking my power steering pump is on the way out, produces a whining noise when turning the wheel at very slow speeds (only time i can hear it).  The level doesnt looked to have dropped and it recently passed MOT but cant find the actual pump to look...

2004 mazda 2 (ford zetec 1.4) engine

Models/Trims / Re: Do I change
« Last post by jimw on January 10, 2018, 05:08:21 PM »
Hi Thanks for the reply.  I went ahead and bought a 1.5 se-l nav 90.  You are right about the torque, find I have to change down to pass anything now instead of just accelerating.  The dealer let me take my old space saver wheel and it does fit the hub.  Watching the fuel consumption now.
Engine/Transmission/Powertrain/Exhaust / Re: mazda 2 exhaust
« Last post by cosh68 on January 06, 2018, 06:47:31 PM »

Or get one made up, got this ready to fit to my wifes Tamura.....

I've got a 2" stainless cat-back with a twin outlet with 3" slash cut tips...

Engine/Transmission/Powertrain/Exhaust / Re: mazda 2 exhaust
« Last post by Aft207 on January 05, 2018, 08:23:37 PM »
Have had look at custom ones but it I would prefer a bolt on so I can change it back to stock easily
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