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I've just got/sold my Mazda 2 / Re: Hello all
« Last post by Mazdakieran on Yesterday at 11:37:11 PM »
Thanks for the reply Shaun it's been along time since I've had a petrol hot hatch but it's nice to have one again I've driven diesels for too long I was impressed by the way the it drove, I understand it's one of the most reliable cars on the road and I have picked the better engine the 1.5 I'm looking forward to paying the balance off and actually driving it a bit more and learning about a new car I do a lot of my own servicing and brakes etc. are these cars easy to work on and I take it like my volvos if you put the right oil and don't skimp on parts then they should last a long time. You'res looks nice Shaun.
I've just got/sold my Mazda 2 / Re: Hello all
« Last post by cosh68 on Yesterday at 07:30:40 PM »

Hello and welcome to the group....

There a fun little car that has a bit of " zoom zoom " if you let her rev...

No cam belt just cam chain...

I've just got/sold my Mazda 2 / Hello all
« Last post by Mazdakieran on Yesterday at 04:10:17 PM »
My name is Kieran and I'm new here and to Mazda I bought a nice tidy Mazda 2 sport on a 57 plate. It was bought to replace my bombproof volvo 2003 s40 sport which sadly got smashed up in the snow :(, I still have a s60 d5 polestar, I am yet to take delivery of Mazda pics when I do. I put a deposit down. What are they like to own and live with so far Im pleased and it's a nice looking car. But any hints tips etc would be great fully received. I've learned that it doesn't have a cam belt which is a major plus. And being a 1.5 it should be quite nippy and frugal. Many thanks guys :)

This is the unit if it helps. When I press the gps button it just says software not found. There are two SD card slots at the top above the cd slot - the one on the left is labeled GPS Software so I assumed there was/is a specific card.
I've seen these 30mm springs advertised on Mazdas official website in the M2 section for 07 models and up to 2010, but when I go to other sources to buy them they all specify 2010 models and onwards, has anyone used these springs on the above year model? Don't want to order them if they're not gonna fit.

I don't know what make your gps system is, but the one fitted to my version is an 'Alpine' one.  It does not come with a SD card, any sd card you can buy will fit!!
Mazda 2 / Re: Newbies consider this topic after activating account
« Last post by Willpower on March 14, 2018, 08:44:38 AM »
Welcome to the Forum.  With such an interesting history, I hope you are more than happy with your new Mazda 2. There is plenty of information available here and we look forward to your participation. :)
Mazda 2 / Re: Newbies consider this topic after activating account
« Last post by Rudolph on March 14, 2018, 03:14:21 AM »
Hi everybody,

I am nearly 75 years old, retired and live in the Netherlands, beeing a real car enthousiast.
I enjoy to become a member of this forum.........

Last week I traded in my 1998 Classic Saab 900c, 125k miles for a 2013 Mazda 2 1.5 HB GT-M, 25k miles.
My father and I picked the Saab up at the dealer in 1989; my father drove 28k miles untill 2004 when he passed away.
I drove the Classic Saab with much pleasure from 2004 to 2018 up till 125k miles.........a recent picture is enclosed.
I am very happy with my Mazda 2; it is my other Mazda because since 2009 I purchased a new RX-8 Renesis HP (231 hp version), now 37,5k miles.
The RX-8 is a brilliant car in all kind of disciplines and I love it very much.
My 3rd car is a 1990 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE,which I purchased 1993 with 16k miles; now 31k miles on the odo and in mint condition.

From 2014 to 2015 I restored a 1975 Honda Goldwing GL1000 K1 motorcycle by myself (1.200 hrs labour), which I had purchased 1978 with 7k miles.
It was stored in my garage from 1983 to 2014; never drove it during these31 years........


Hi all

I'm new to the forum and I'll post a proper introduction tonight.

In the meantime I'm looking for some help. My 2009 M2 has the inbuilt touchscreen gps/radio but the gps sd card is missing. Any idea on where I can source one from.

Also both the up and down volume control on the steering wheel turn the volume down. Are there any quick fixes for this?

Thanks all...
Troubleshooting / Problems restarting
« Last post by ozthomas on March 13, 2018, 08:33:42 AM »

Had this issue a number of times now. If I start the car, say to move it a short distance, then turn the engine off I often have trouble starting the car when I come back to it next time. Happened yesterday and I'd left the car for 24 hours before trying to start it again.  I'm thinking it's flooded the first time. Is there a knack to restarting if you have this problem?  Accelerator depressed when trying to start....? Certainly leaves me depressed!

Thanks   Oz
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