Author Topic: 2015 Sport Nav climate control. Car gets too hot in winter can't wait for summer  (Read 814 times)

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The problem I am having is that the CC system keeps pumping in hot air even with 16 set on the lefthand temperature knob and the other two in AUTO and AUTO as described in the handbook. This means that with the temperature outside at below 10C and no sun I am too toastie at 22C plus according to an accurate thermometer inside the car. I believe the sensors are faulty and I need a new CC panel or replacement sensors under guarantee. It has been a problem since new and is getting worse.
By the way the aircon compressor has been replaced on my car too. My car is going into the dealers for this to be checked tomorrow.
This link shows a similar problem on a CX3    All the higher specification 2015 onwards Mazdas have the same CC panel.
Anyone else getting hot under the collar in mid winter?  Regards myabu

The garage ran the car for a long time and with 3 degrees outside and 16 set on the temperature they got the cabin up to 25 degrees. It just kept on pumping in warm air. This is a known and rare fault which occurs with 2015 onwards higher spec sport nav models with the climate control panel. CX3 cars also suffer this fault and so can any with this system installed throughout all models in their range. Now I am waitng for a replacement three dial panel and associated sensors to be fitted.

The conclusion was the car has now had the triple dial climate control panel replaced under warranty and seems to be working better. Turning down the temperature introduced colder air rather than continuing to pump in hot air as before.
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That sounds similar to what my 2015 Sport Nav had, air con was blown hot constantly but the cause was found to be a cracked condenser pipe that Mazda replaced under warranty with a redesigned pipe (known fault apparently)

Glad it?s sorted for you 😊
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