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Front wing replacement
« on: December 01, 2018, 07:28:44 PM »
Hi All
Recently purchased a 2009 TS2 1.3 (84 BHP) with 46k on the clock and very happy with the way it drives.
The main point of the topic is that I want to replace one of the front wings (passenger side) due to it having been poorly repaired IMO in the past.
The paint is a slightly different shade and you can see it has some filler in it from a previous accident.
Has anyone replaced a front wing and does the front bumper also have to come off, or can you get away with removing the bumper screws on that side and easing it away from the wing to get access? Is it a straightforward job anyone please?

Also, while I'm here, what's the difference between a straight Mazda 2 and a TS2, or are they all TS2's? Is it just a type of Mazda 2, like Tamura (but probably the most basic)?
Finally, there does seem to be quite a bit of road noise coming from the back which doesn't sound like wheel bearings to me so I'm kind of thinking it may be just the choice of tyres.
Do they tend to suffer from quite a lot of road noise?

Many thanks for your help - really love the car and how economical it is (nippy too)! :)

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Re: Front wing replacement
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2018, 03:35:58 PM »
Hi and welcome

Can't help with the wing replacement, but maybe with the rest.  My first 2 was a TS2 in early 2008 so I know the model line up fairly well, and I have a pdf of the brochure from 2012.

The original line up from launch in 2007 was the TS, TS2 and Sport.  The TS had a 1.3 (75bhp) engine and was the lowest specced car in the range.  The TS2 had a 1.3 (84bhp) engine and included things like aircon.  Top of the range was the Sport with a 1.5 (102bhp) engine, with cruise control, climate control, traction control and the like.  There was also one automatic model, which was badged as TS2 but had the 1.5 engine. 

The Tamura came out after a year or so and was pretty much a 1.3 TS2 in a Sport body (but without the higher spec equipment) .  The Tamura later replaced the TS2 manual - making the later range TS, Tamura, Sport and TS2 auto.  The Sport was dropped from the range in late 2013 or thereabouts.  There were a few special editions, all on either of the 1.3 engines, and the usual end of production editions as well.

The rear wheel bearings were the subject of recall while I first owned my TS2.  I think I had them replaced again on that car, although it could have been on my current 2012 Sport - I honestly can't remember which!!!!  But it seems fair to say that rear wheel bearings are "weak point" on that generation of the Mazda 2.
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Re: Front wing replacement
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